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Getting Connected
Children & Youth


High School Youth

North Bramalea recently contracted with Youth Ministry Architects, and a report has been prepared with recommendations for building a sustainable youth ministry over the next couple of years. Various teams and volunteers are in the process of being recruited to lead various aspects of this ministry.

More than simply offering youth groups - and we will be doing that too, we are looking to form fully devoted followers of Christ over the course of a lifetime. We have places for people to serve on Prayer Teams, Small Group Leaders, Visioning Teams, Special Events Planning, Youth Group, Sunday Morning, Retreat Planning and so much more.

So whats happening now?

Our Sunday Morning program for HS Youth is called CBW (Candlelight, Breakfast and Worship). HS Youth meet in the Youth Lounge area in our lower worship level at 11am, and a gifted leader explores faith lived out of real life circumstances. There is time for prayer and of course some sharing of food together.

There have been some gatherings of youth and adults already. On November 17, 2013 at 7:00 pm, we are having a fun night of connecting that will begin with Karaoke. We have leaders interested in forming our own NBUC Glee Club.

Every Friday night at 7pm, children and youth are rehearsing for the Christmas Eve Drama. There are still places available for HS Youth to perform in the drama or musical accompaniment.

A Christmas Food Drive has been part of the Youth Group activity for a number of years and this is currently being organized so that our youth and others can help support more people in need this Christmas season.

On Saturday, January 4, 2014, there will be a Youth Ministry retreat for the day and from that day a calendar of events for the rest of the year will be prepared.

There is a HS Youth Retreat scheduled with other youth in SouthWest Presbytery for the end of January and the yearly Spring retreat will soon be inviting youth to plan and participate.