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Mission Summit

The "Power of Everyone" Challenge
Mission Summit, November 13th, 2016

Why do Mission Summit?

What IS Mission Summit?

Mission Summit is a time for our church to celebrate the mission God is giving us to do & to respond together as we deepen our commitment to our vision and purpose.

We believe that God shapes congregations through the shaping of individual lives. One of the most powerful ways God transforms us is through a commitment to spend regular time with God. This forms who we are and who we are becoming with God's help. We want to be a community that practically lives out Christ's mandate of reaching out to all with His message of Hope.

One member we talked to just in the last year was talking about his faith journey and mentioned that his significant point of growth began last year when the challenge was issued. He said that it started as just responding to the call but over the last year he has discovered that now he can't live without the time alone with God. His life has been forever changed as a result of spending time getting to know God better every day. As a result of personal spiritual disciplines he is being changed as a Christ-follower on a daily basis. His circumstances may not change, but his attitude to them is constantly changing! This spiritual growth has encouraged him to participate in activities, in learning, volunteering and giving…out of all of this, he has learned to be happy in Christ.

What about you? Will you make the time in your busy day to walk along with us to spend time daily with God? In the next few weeks, we have lots of opportunity to be involved here at NBUC:

  • One of these ways is through the “Power of Everyone” challenge where we are going to encourage everyone to tithe (or give 10%) on one week's income on the same week. If you do not currently participate in giving or if you are a consistent giver, this will be a challenge for everyone to come together so we can experience what it would be like if everyone contributed together. We are also sharing stories of impact…those stories that have made a difference in the life or an individual as a result of their giving or how their giving has made a difference in others lives.
  • You may want to serve in an activity in the community,
  • We would encourage you to pray about your involvement and for others here at NBUC and beyond

As we make the commitment to spend time getting to know God better and growing as followers of Jesus, we will fulfill our calling in Brampton to imagine, see and be part of God building better lives, better families and a better Brampton.